Friday, 31 January 2014

Breathing is Free

My blog tells me that quite a large number of you read and liked the Coleridge poem 'To Nature'.  It was plants that opened the door to life on earth for us.  I'm told that they have been around for some 460 million years.  If we are damaging our planet with the use of fossil fuels (and the current winter we are suffering is suggesting that perhaps we are), when did we start?  Relative to the plants, we have been on earth for a very short time.  With the hole in the ozone layer that we have, I felt it would help to know when and why we started to disrespect the life-giving plants of our planet.  The Promise Tree, Books One & Two, attempts, through the course of a fictional story, to pinpoint the 'when' and 'why', and possible 'who'.  But never mind the 'who': let's face it, the deserts of our planet do not make the air that we breathe.

At the moment breathing is free.  But will it stay that way?